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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing
The Elastic Computing Platform has often been described as the world's first true IaaS platform. First made available in 2005, ECP v1 and v2 product generations were deployed tens of thousands of times around the globe. Learn More »
Ericom's Server-based Computing (SBC) Solution – PowerTerm® WebConnect – provides flexible and secure enterprise-wide access to business-critical applications. This comprehensive solution enables organizations to respond to a broad range of challenges – from user mobility & access to Windows Terminal Server / Virtual Desktops / legacy host systems, to remote desktop support and more.  Learn More »
Thin Clients
Companies spend a lot of money and time to ensure that their computer systems are reliable, secure, and agile for their business target. Centerm will gracefully, easily, and affordably solves the problems – We save your huge amounts of time and money by changing your PC network to Thin Client framework.  Learn More »
Enterprise Security Information & Event Management
The Bsafe/Cross-Platform AuditTM is an enterprise security information and event management system (SIEM), aimed at organizations running computer systems from many different platforms. The CPA consolidates platform-specific audit events and makes them available to auditors and administrators in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It does this while maintaining a high level of granularity to filter events by platform-specific characteristics. Learn More »
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